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Activity closed for the academic year 2020-2021, resumption of activity in September 2021

Are you a private individual or a student facing a legal problem?

First of all, you should know that the Montpellier Legal Clinic is completely free.

The first step is to agree together on a first appointment.

Normally, appointments are made at the Montpellier Law Faculty or at the Collaborative Digital Space. Our room is located in the cloister of the Faculty in Building 1, accessible Rue de l’École Mage.

During this first appointment, you will explain your situation to a team of volunteer students who will take care of your file.

In order to provide you with a quick answer, you will need to bring all the useful elements and documents. The team will ask you useful questions at the appropriate time to clarify the situation. After that, we will need about 4 weeks to provide you with the necessary answers and help you in your efforts. We will explain our recommendations during a second meeting.

As part of our quality approach, no advice will be given during the first meeting. It is this same quality approach that obliges us to have the information provided by our volunteers checked by teacher-researchers or lawyers.

All our volunteers are subject to professional secrecy.

You can contact us again at this email address: specifying :

  • Your availability over the next two weeks (please give several).
  • A brief summary of your request, what do you expect from us?
  • Your telephone number and email address.

Without this information we cannot create new files.

You wish to become a partner or have a question about the Clinique Juridique de Montpellier ?

You can contact us here : 

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