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Founded in 2013 by Professor Daniel Mainguy, the Montpellier Legal Clinic is one of the first “new generation” French Legal Clinics to be created. 


Our goals

The Montpellier clinic has the dual objective of strengthening accessibility to the law among the most vulnerable and training law students through practice. Access to Montpellier Legal Clinic is completely free.


Institutionalized in April 2019 within the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Montpellier by the head of Faculty of Law and Political Science of Montpellier : Professor Guylain Clamour, the Montpellier Legal Clinic is located in the Cloister of the same faculty.

Help vulnerable people

Helping people encountering a legal problem. Our wish is to strengthen the accessibility of the law to the most vulnerable populations (students, the elderly, unemployed, precarious, etc.) in addition to the assistance already provided by legal professionals.

Train students in real situations

Allow students to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired during their studies by confronting real situations.

The volunteers of Montpellier Legal Clinic are students lawyers or students front the second year of law. Our teams are mixed so that our oldest volunteers can share their skills with the youngest. 

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Multiple recognized initiative of excellence and winner of the Student Initiative Grand Prix by the M.U.S.E. (Montpellier University of Excellence) of the University of Montpellier in 2019.

The Montpellier Legal Clinic is part of the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Montpellier. This Faculty has a rich history and has trained generations of jurists from all countries and cultures as Jean-Jacques-Régis de Cambacérès (one of the drafters of the Napoleonic Code better known as Civil Code), Paul Valéry (writer) or Jean Moulin (French Résistance fighter).

How does it works ?

30 of our 200 clinicians are part of our organizing team divided into 3 areas of expertise (Organization, Quality and Partnerships). Each of these areas is supervised by PhD students themselves supervised by professors.

Our commitment to quality combined with our 7 years experience pushes us to always go further to improve the level of our legal information. Our control procedures are reviewed each year and improved in order to offer you the best service. 

Quality Department

A team specially dedicated to quality control

The Quality Department ensures that our legal information is of high quality. The division also checks that the deadlines are as short as possible. It is made up of the most experienced students from the Faculty of Law and Political Science who are directly supervised by a phD.

At each request received, a member of the Quality Department will be designated as referent. This referent is supervising our clinicians before, during and after meetings. If a member of the Quality Department is present during each of our meetings, he will only intervene as a last resort, leaving our clinicians to resolve the request with as much autonomy as possible. He acts as a team leader to help our clinicians.

Partnerships staff

The Partnership staff is responsible for uniting the entire Montpellier Legal Clinic. He is responsible for internal relations (with the University and the Faculty) as and external relations (with legal professionals, French or international legal clinics). He is also responsible for setting up all the partnerships concluded with the Montpellier Legal Clinic. The objective of the partnership team is also to value all of our clinicians. It can also set up training for certain organizations needing legal training.

Organization staff

The organizing staff is responsible for the general organization of the legal clinic. Organizing staff is in charge of relations between the Legal Clinic of Montpellier and the patients but also of relations between the Legal Clinic of Montpellier and our clinicians. He also manages permanence, registrations and assigning files to our clinicians. It also works with the Quality Department to offer you the best possible service.