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Le réseau des cliniques
juridiques francophones


Because of their North American origin, legal clinics are essentially established in the English-speaking world. With this in mind, the Réseau des Cliniques Juridiques Francophones (Network of French-speaking Legal Clinics) aims to develop this formidable tool in the French-speaking world, aiming both at transforming pedagogy in law faculties and at fostering links between universities and civil society.

It currently brings together more than 40 legal clinics in eight different countries (Belgium, Canada, France, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Morocco, Switzerland and Togo).

Existing informally since December 2013, the Réseau des Cliniques Juridiques Francophones was established as a French law association in February 2016. It is open to all interested persons, whether or not they are already involved in a legal clinic.

The Montpellier Legal Clinic is a member of this network.