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MUSE – Montpellier : Université d’excellence

MUSE – Montpellier : Université d’excellence 1


The Montpellier Legal Clinic has been recognized several times by the University of Montpellier as an initiative of excellence. This recognition has notably enabled us to organise a major colloquium in relation to the accessibility of law. The M.U.S.E. consortium aims to develop projects articulated within 3 themes: Protecting, Caring and Nourishing.

The Montpellier Legal Clinic is fully involved in the development of an initiative of excellence:

-Protecting the most vulnerable people and especially students from abuse by certain professionals by offering free legal assistance of quality.

To provide care because the aim is to arrive at concrete solutions and to contribute to the emergence of ecological businesses by offering tailor-made support in the creation of these businesses.

Nourish, because the students using the Legal Clinic thus obtain valuable information. Especially the volunteers, law students, through a mechanism of reverse pedagogy mobilize and learn to share their knowledge.